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 STOP LOOK CARE like to invite you and your home to be part of the Stop Look Care in Care Homes project
If you are not already familiar with Stop Look Care, it is a handy booklet and training guide for care workers to help them recognise deterioration in a service users health and know what action to take should this happen.  The booklet is already in use in care homes and other organisations across Sussex and the country, where it has proved essential in supporting care workers to continue to provide great, high quality care.
We are now rolling out the Stop Look Care booklet and way of working out across a further number of care homes in Sussex and would like to invite you to be part of our project.  The Stop Look Care project team will be able to provide you and your staff with training and support to make using the booklet a regular activity in your home and see how recognising deterioration using the information and tips in the book can help you to continue to provide great care.
The Stop Look Care project teams mission is to support the introduction of the booklet into your home, support your staff to use in their everyday work and continue to provide great care to the residents in your home.
Who is the Stop Look Care in Care Homes aimed at?

  • All staff in the residential and nursing homes

What are the benefits of Stop Look Care for your residents / your staff / your home ?

  • Residents are supported to maintain their independence, health and wellbeing.
  • Empowering staff and building their confidence in delivering the fundamentals of health care using the Stop Look Care approach
  • Using Stop Look Care to recognize deterioration in health and wellbeing and guide decision making when this happens
  • Stop Look Care booklets and training sessions provided by our Clinical Skills Nurse.
  • Supports CQC preparedness, acting a mark of quality for your home
  • Supports management and development of the workforce, potential for positive affect on recruitment and retention
  • Be part of a Sussex wide project to support care in care homes

If you would like to be part of this great opportunity and hear further information on access to training and support to use Stop Look Care in your home please contact Alexan Westlake project administrator @ sesc.stoplookcare@nhs.net
The Stop Look Care project team will work with you to support the use of the booklet in your home, supporting you and your staff in the delivery of great care.